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Position TitleJob NumberJob DescriptionPay Scale
Building Substitute Teacher

Lead Building Substitute Role

This position reports to the Building Principal in a midsize urban school district located in the Capital region of Upstate New York. The Lead Building Substitute Teacher will work with teachers, families, and school leaders. The Lead Building Substitute Teacher will work in one designated building where they will have opportunities to support a variety of classrooms and special projects. The Lead Building Substitute Teacher will model leadership for all other substitute teachers. This position requires a high degree of innovation, enthusiasm and a spirit of collaboration.

 Lead Building Substitute Teacher Expectations

  • Work with students on all grade levels;
  • Organize and support school staff and administration in supporting student engagement;
  • Build relationships and collaborate with other staff;
  • Support the development of school activities and other organizations that support student interests;
  • Work directly with students to solve conflicts, discipline, and behavior situations with a student centered and restorative approach.

Lead Building Substitute Teacher Qualities

  • Great interpersonal skills;
  • Loves and understands the impact of Equity-based Culturally Responsive teaching;
  • Belief in restorative approaches and works to eliminate punitive practices;
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in developing relationships;
  • Demonstrated ability to build alliances with a diverse group of stakeholders;
  • Good problem solver;
  • Growth mindset;
  • Demonstrated ability to learn.
$28,000 (pro-rated)
Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant Role


This position reports to the school principal in a midsize urban school district located in the Capital Region of Upstate New York. The Teacher Assistant will play a critical role in assisting teachers in facilitating quality academic and enrichment activities for all students. The Teacher Assistant will assist the Teacher in creating a learning environment that will enhance the academic rigor for all students. The Teaching Assistant will implement and assist with all instructional duties. This position requires a high degree of flexibility, professionalism and culturally responsive disposition.


Teaching Assistant Expectations

Assist the Teacher in implementing the instructional program spending the majority of the time in direct work with students.  These duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Assist teacher with the organization of instructional materials and learning centers as planned and directed by the teacher;
  • Work with individual or small groups of students to reinforce skills and concepts previously taught under the supervision of the teacher;
  • Work with students to help achieve IEP goal activities under the supervision of the teacher;
  • Assist students with education and therapy goals by helping them stay on track, repeating instructions from teacher, scribing, etc;
  • Assist the teacher with the monitoring of student activities in the classroom, halls, and on the playground and during arrival and dismissal periods;
  • Assist the teacher during times of crisis;
  • Reinforcement of explicitly taught expectations that are reviewed often with students;
  • Assist in managing clear and consistent classroom routines;
  • To assist the teacher in maintaining conditions affecting the safety and welfare of the students.
  • Assist with student supervision;
  • Intake recordkeeping, preparing testing materials, ordering of testing materials;
  • All other instructional or non-instructional support needed by immediate supervisor;
  • Assist teachers in implementing culturally responsive practices to assists students in improving their literacy skills;
  • Collaborates with teachers and leadership to promote a positive and rigorous learning environment.

Teaching Assistant Key Qualities

  • Reflects on practices and modify as necessary to meet the unique needs of all students;
  • Passionate about developing relationships with students;
  • Set high expectations for students;
  • Demonstrates for students the importance of being life-long learners;
  • Ability to motivate in a team-oriented, collaborative environment;
  • Designated champion for every child in your classroom;
  • Demonstrate perseverance and be proactive in supporting students in and outside of the classroom;
  • Establish daily practices that support students in enjoying the experience of learning making human connections;
  • Establish daily practices that remind every student they become the best they can possibly be;
  • Cares about students’ academic and social emotional needs;
  • Strives for 100% attendance;
  • Dedication to understanding the needs of our students;
  • Collaborate with teachers regarding daily and weekly plans and expectations
  • Lead a variety of small and large group activities daily;
  • Communicate in a proactive and positive manner with Principal and colleagues;
  • Supervise and engage students during meals and recess time;
  • Build student relationships and a sense of community;
  • Flexibility in thinking and acting; pitch in when and where needed, so as to ensure a safe and productive day for all students.



Per Contract

The Schenectady City School District is committed to hiring members of protected classes and residents of the City of Schenectady. For more information on the District’s recruitment and hiring plan, please contact the Human Resources Office at 881-2000 ext. 40133. The Schenectady City School District does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, veteran status, national origin, race or gender.  This policy is in compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Regulations and By-Laws of the Board of Education of the Schenectady City School District.