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Transportation Assistant

Distinguishing Features of the Class and Transportation Assistant Role

This position is responsible for providing staff support duties for a school district transportation department.  Work involves liaison with schools, parents, bus drivers and administration to facility proper operation of the district’s transportation program.  The work further involves dispatching and relaying messages to drivers, maintaining a database and related clerical functions. The employee reports directly to and works under the general supervision of the transportation supervisor. Does related work as required.


Typical Work Activities and Transportation Assistant Expectations

  • Relays messages to and from bus drivers using two-channel radios;
  • Attempts to resolve road problems concerning buses, drivers and students via radio in absence of transportation supervisor;
  • Records daily hours for bus drivers;
  • Assists in scheduling drivers for trips;
  • Updates transportation information on a micro-computer by manipulation of an alpha-numeric keyboard to record, edit, store and retrieve correspondence, reports and other data;
  • Updates district transportation maps and schedules;
  • Assists in assigning pick-up/drop-off sites, transfer points, etc;
  • Aids in creating detailed bus routes for new semesters;
  • Assists parents and students with transportation related problems such as walk/ride, bus pick-up time, explaining denials of special requests, processing bus stop changes, etc;
  • Assists bus drivers with day-to-day activities such as notifying of additional stops, re-routing information and locating students;
  • Works with individual schools in the district to provide information relative to school bus activities such as notification of new students, kindergarten half-day sessions, walk/ride problems, and special situations;
  • Maintains transportation data base including data base manipulation on a micro-computer;
  • Maintains related files, prepares and disseminates reports, correspondence, bus passes, etc;
  • Instructs other staff on proper use and retrieval of transportation computerized data;
  • Maintains a variety of records and reports related to the work.

Full Performance Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics and Key Qualities of Transportation Assistant

Good knowledge of information processing and data base maintenance including data retrieval and entry on a micro-computer; good knowledge of district practices and policies regarding bus routing, pick-up, drop-off, attendance areas, etc; good knowledge of the use and operation of information processing equipment and related peripheral equipment; working knowledge of the geographic area of the school district as related to transportation concerns; working knowledge of office terminology and procedures; working knowledge of proper grammatical usage and punctuation; working knowledge of business vocabulary; ability to maintain computerized records and reports; ability to manually keyboard on a micro-computer; ability to communicate effectively with parents, bus drivers, and school district personnel; ability to operate a two-way radio; ability to work independently.





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