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Job Opening Information Senior Payroll Audit Clerk

Position Title
Senior Payroll Audit Clerk
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School Related Personnel
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Job Description

Distinguishing Features of the Class and Senior Payroll Audit Clerk Role

The position involves responsibility for independent audit, review and verification of payrolls, and related attendance documents.  The work requires a general understanding of specific laws, and office rules, procedures and policies.  General supervision is received from administrative superiors with leeway allowed for making decisions concerning routine matters and procedures. General direction may be exercised over the work of clerical assistants. Incumbents in this title, depending on agency and/or department assignment, may also perform a variety of financial accounts activities. Does related work as required.

Typical Work Activities and Senior Payroll Audit Clerk Expectations

  • Audits payrolls, computer accrual file balances and vouchers against source documents such as appointment papers, budget authorizations, timesheets and/or timecards, invoices, etc. and reconciles discrepancies;
  • Advises and trains the clerical staff in charge of payrolls in the departments; Acts as the liaison between the vendor of automated computer services and the department responsible for processing payrolls and issuing checks;
  • Processes and completes forms for the New York State Retirement System;
  • Supplies employment data and individual financial data to financial institutions and outside agencies;
  • Computes and checks computations for items to be deducted from the payroll;
  • Files tax and assessment and payroll registers and summary reports in binders;
  • Reviews and processes payroll including check printing;
  • Reviews accrual records-sends reports to department on a monthly basis for verification;
  • Sends auto deposit file to the bank;
  • Files federal and state tax reports;
  • May prepare and process payroll vendor information;
  • Answers appropriate questions as they arise pertaining to payroll   and accruals;
  • Prepares quarterly 941 and state earning reports;
  • Responsible for year-end W2 processing;
  • Collects and organizes all overtime records and prepares those records for payroll;
  • Prepares and distributes schedules for all departments;
  • Maintains documents/leave balances for all department employees (i.e. sick leave, vacation etc.)
  • Schedules, notifies, and documents department member’s court appearances;
  • Maintains/documents leave balances for all department employees and processes timesheets and/or timecards, and/or sign-in sheets;
  • Resolves disputes that may arise pertaining to pay, attendance or vendor issues;
  • May classify receipts and expenditures and the distribution of costs;
  • May systemize, install and revise software by making modifications as appropriate;
  • May compile, prepare and analyze a variety of financial and statistical records and reports;
  • Answer appropriate questions as the arise pertaining to payroll and accruals;
  • Conducts correspondence in connection with department matters;
  • Types forms, form letters, invoices, vouchers, records, reports, memoranda, etc.;
  • Operates calculator, computer, copier, fax and other office equipment;
  • Performs a variety of related duties as required.

Full Performance Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics and Key Qualities of Senior Payroll Audit Clerk

  • Thorough knowledge of the methods of maintaining and reviewing financial records and practices; thorough knowledge of Business Arithmetic and English; good knowledge of office terminology, procedures and equipment; good knowledge of the principles and practices of payroll auditing; ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions; ability to train others in their work; ability to make arithmetic computations rapidly and accurately; attention to detail; willingness and ability to retain confidentiality appropriately.



Civil Service Title
Senior Payroll Audit Clerk
Job Qualifications

(A)     Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered two-year college or university with an Associate’s Degree in Accounting, Business Administration or a related field and three years of experience in maintaining financial accounts and records, one year of which shall have involved payroll auditing or preparation; OR

(B)     Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma and five years of experience as outlined in (A) above, one year of which shall have involved payroll auditing or preparation; OR

(C)     An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B) above.

NOTE:  The essential functions of this job are determined by the department/jurisdiction where the job is located.

This position is a provisional civil service appointment and applicant must meet civil service requirements including residency in Schenectady County or one of the contiguous counties. Successful candidates are required to take civil service exam when offered.

Application Procedure

Candidates interested in applying must complete an online application. In addition, all applicants are requested to submit a current resume.  This is a competitive Schenectady County Civil Service position. Candidates must meet civil service requirements for appointment. Candidates must currently hold this title or be reachable on the civil service list when available. If a list is not available, this will be a provisional appointment and the successful candidate must take the appropriate civil service examination and be reachable. 

Job Category
Job Location
Central Office

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