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School Related Personnel
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Paraprofessional Role

This position reports to the school principal in a midsize urban school district located in the Capital Region of Upstate New York. The Paraprofessional will play a critical role in assisting teachers in facilitating quality academic and enrichment activities for all students. The Paraprofessional will assist the Teacher in creating a learning environment that will enhance the academic character and social-emotional skills of all students. The Paraprofessional will implement and assist with all non-instructional duties as assigned by engagement team or supervisor. This position requires a high degree of flexibility, professionalism and culturally responsive disposition.


Paraprofessional Expectations

  • Clerical duties such as assisting building secretary, answering phones, copying, filing and attendance duties.  Contact parents as directed by supervisor;
  • Assist in library duties such as checking books in and out, restocking shelves, inventory, recordkeeping, maintenance of equipment and overdue notices.
  • Assist with student supervision;
  • Organizing, scheduling, and maintenance of computer labs as directed;
  • Intake recordkeeping, preparing testing materials, ordering of testing materials;
  • Breakfast and/or lunch monitor duties to include playground supervision;
  • Escorting students as directed by supervisor;
  • Monitor halls, bathrooms, cafeteria, playground, and all outside areas within the immediate vicinity of the building;
  • Morning and afternoon bus duty supervision;
  • All other non-instructional support needed by immediate engagement team or supervisor;
  • Assist teachers in implementing culturally responsive practices to assists students in improving their literacy skills;
  • Collaborates with teachers and leadership to promote a positive and rigorous learning environment

Paraprofessional Key Qualities

  • Reflects on practices and modify as necessary to meet the unique needs of all students;
  • Passionate about developing relationships with students;
  • Set high expectations for students;
  • Demonstrates for students the importance of being life-long learners;
  • Ability to motivate in a team-oriented, collaborative environment;
  • Designated champion for every child in your classroom;
  • Demonstrate perseverance and be proactive in supporting students in and outside of the classroom;
  • Establish daily practices that support students in enjoying the experience of learning making human connections;
  • Establish daily practices that remind every student they become the best they can possibly be;
  • Cares about students’ academic and social emotional needs;
  • Strives for 100% attendance;
  • Dedication to understanding the needs of our students;
  • Collaborate with teachers regarding daily and weekly plans and expectations
  • Lead a variety of small and large group activities daily;
  • Communicate in a proactive and positive manner with Principal and colleagues;
  • Supervise and engage students during meals and recess time;
  • Build student relationships and a sense of community;
  • Flexibility in thinking and acting; pitch in when and where needed, so as to ensure a safe and productive day for all students.



Civil Service Title
Teacher Aide
Job Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications

  • High School Diploma or equivalent (GED);
  • Experience working in schools with children and families to support diverse learners.
Application Procedure

The Schenectady City School District (SCSD) has begun a period of change that seeks to transform the district and its schools. A significant level of local, state, and federal attention and investment in the Schenectady City Schools has characterized the last few years providing an incredible opportunity to ensure that all of its students graduate prepared to succeed in college or a well-paying career. Currently, the Schenectady City School District is seeking highly competent, motivated, dedicated and fully engaged individuals to accept leadership roles throughout the district's schools and Central Office to serve the academic, emotional and physical needs of approximately 10,000 students through the essential elements of the district’s Strategic Plan. The Superintendent is leading a talented and committed leadership team with the aim of moving SCSD toward world class status and preparing all students for success.

The Schenectady City School District is committed to hiring members of the protected classes and residents of the City of Schenectady. For more information on the Schenectady City School District recruitment and hiring plan, please contact the Office of Human Resources. The Schenectady City School District does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, veteran status, national origin, race or gender. This policy is in compliance with the Title IX of the Education amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Regulations and Bylaws of the Board of Education of the Schenectady City School District.

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