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STEM/Library Media Specialist Teacher(K-5)
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Teacher / Admin
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Per SFT Contract
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The Schenectady City School District is interested in receiving applications for qualified candidates for the position of:


STEM/Library Media Specialist Teacher(K-5)


With a population of nearly 10,000 students, the Schenectady City School District is one of the largest in the Capital Region.? We have an incredibly diverse population and remain committed to ensuring that all children feel valued, are safe and will learn.? We value a culture of equity and are driven to ensure that race, economics, and disability are never predictors of student achievement. ?Every child in our district counts and will be supported, each step of the way, along the path to graduation. 


The Schenectady City School District has openings for the 2022-23 school year and is now accepting applications for STEM/ Library Media Specialist Teacher (K-5). These teachers serve as tech support in our buildings and are seen as innovators in the implementation of technology in our schools. NYS Teacher Certification is required (must have applicable certification at time of hire) as a Library Media Specialist or Common Branch Teacher (K-6). Google Educator Certification is preferred. 


Responsible to: Building Principal

Payment Rate: According to Certified Teachers Salary Schedule

Employment Term: 10 Month



  • Extensive knowledge and interest in coding, robotics, and maker space. 

  • Knowledgeable about current research-based instruction and skilled in applying its findings to a variety of situations--particularly those that call upon students to access, evaluate, and use information from multiple sources in order to learn, to think, and to create and apply new knowledge. 

  • Ability to teach multiple modalities of learners in ways that engage, encourage and foster student inquiry.

  • Ability to build relationships with teachers, administrators and students

  • Strong knowledge of information literacy and information technology




  • Develops daily STEM lessons and hands-on experiences.

  • Uses technology to promote learning, creativity, and collaboration.

  • Employs a variety of instructional techniques, instructional media, and performance. assessments, which guide the learning process toward curriculum goals and student learning. 

  • Adopts a data-driven attitude towards measuring learner progress and using that data to constantly refine lessons.

  • Attend to individual student needs and provide extra support for students who need it.

  • Demonstrates an awareness of different student backgrounds and cultures.

  • Communicates regularly with parents.

  • Monitors student growth to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Provides regular feedback to students.

  • Works directly with school and district administrators and staff in the development, implementation, and evaluation of STEM initiatives and curriculum.

  • Organizes, develops, and coordinates special STEM events/activities.

  • Attends professional development and training related to STEM programs and methodologies, staying abreast of current research.

  • Utilize digital technology and integration through effective pedagogy and instructional practices.

  • Encourage students to explore the world around them through print and online resources.

  • Source information in a productive and educationally sound way. 

  • Support technology  integration in our buildings.  

  • Maintain the school library resources; inventory, distribute and circulate materials.

  • Assist teachers with resources, materials, tools, information, etc. to support classroom instruction and planning, including new resources.

  • Exhibit and display student work across the school and through online presence. 

  • Share STEM events and activities through social media, such as the SCSD Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

  • Serves as liaison to prospective or selected STEM vendors, to determine the best resources, options and innovations that will optimize the learning experience for students and staff.






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Appropriate New York State Teacher Certification

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