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Job Opening Information Asst Director of Early Literacy & Prekindergarten Programming for the Office of Teaching & Learning

Position Title
Asst Director of Early Literacy & Prekindergarten Programming for the Office of Teaching & Learning
Required Application Type
Teacher / Admin
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Per SAA contract
Job Description

Assistant Director of Early Literacy and Prekindergarten Programming for the Office of Teaching and Learning 


Embody, advocate and operationalize the mission, vision and strategic direction of the Schenectady City School District. Support the Office of Teaching & Learning and District schools to achieve the District’s goals for student and graduate success by ensuring equitable student and school access to all programs, resources, and high quality instruction.  Assist the District team in establishing District-wide practices that promote equity attending to the need for an antiracist, culturally responsive curriculum.

Provide guidance and professional development on topics relevant to literacy acquisition and school readiness in pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3; partner and collaborate with local agencies in the common work of promoting early childhood literacy; serves as a liaison between the Prek classrooms, Community Based Organizations and K-12 learning communities regarding issues of literacy and school readiness. The successful candidate will coordinate efforts with the ELA Assistant Director so there is a fluid program pre-K through 12th grade.

Primary responsibilities (provide assistance to the Teaching and Learning team):

  • Identify, evaluate, and standardize Prek and developmental reading curriculum and instructional resources that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion and lead to improved student outcomes;
  • Lead the research and development of literacy acquisition and instructional practices, programs, and policies that maximize educational options and lead to improved academic success for all students;
  • Serve as a resource to Principals, teachers, and community partners (community based organizations, universities, and non-profit educational organizations) to provide assistance to adopt culturally responsive curriculum and effective pedagogical practices for the purpose of advancing educational equity; 
  • Communicate and steer the K-3 District literacy goals for the team and District; 
  • Collaborate with district departments for fiscal and program oversight of the Universal Prekindergarten Grant 
  • Work closely with the MTSS team to plan and monitor a comprehensive literacy assessment program to assure the use of accurate data in implementing a diagnostic and prescriptive tiered intervention system for P-3 Readers.
  • Develop professional development opportunities for teachers to increase educational outcomes;


Identify, evaluate, and standardize comprehensive core reading curriculum and instructional resources that promote equity and lead to improved student outcomes

  • Assists the district in understanding, interpreting, and operationalizing the Next Generation PreK through Grade 3 ELA Learning Standards as set forth by New York State Education Department, with special attention to foundational reading development;
  • Integral role in assuring that the goals of the Student and Graduate Success Pillar are a central focus in work undertaken, operationalizing the defined pillar strategies to move measures towards successful completion;
  • Analyzes and utilizes student reading data for the purpose of developing or co-developing appropriate curriculum and guiding instructional conversations; 
  • Promotes the use of the most effective and appropriate technologies to support teaching and learning and ensures that necessary resources are available. 

Lead the research and development of instructional practices, programs, and policies that maximize educational options and lead to improved academic success for all students

  • Research topics required to maintain the integrity of equity work (e.g. relevant policies, new federal and state statutes, financial resources, etc.) for the purpose of developing new reading programs/services, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, securing general information and/or responding to requests; 
  • Assist building administration and faculty in analysis and use of reading assessment data to reflect on teaching practice, make instructional decisions, inform developmental reading lesson plans and meet the needs of diverse learners;
  • Collaborate and problem-solve in developing comprehensive, rigorous, and coherent literacy programs that addresses all levels of thinking, enables students to develop knowledge and skills related to a concept, problem or issue, and supports their construction of meaning during the most important lessons and tasks; 
  • Provide support to foster a culture that motivates teachers and administrators to perform at the level of excellence necessary to improve student achievement and close educational opportunity gaps;
  • Provide support to building administration in the implementation of a rigorous, coherent literacy curricula appropriately aligned to the ELA Next Generation Learning Standards in coordination with classroom teachers;
  • Review and observe current Prek and early literacy teaching methods and learning materials as needed for areas of District improvement and to ensure they meet the current local, state and federal requirements.

Serve as a resource to Principals, teachers, and community partners (universities, colleges, non-profit educational organizations) to provide assistance to adopt culturally responsive curriculum and effective pedagogical practices for the purpose of advancing educational equity 

  • Serve as a collaborative resource within the district for furthering goals of educational equity in developing and implementing effective literacy acquisition strategies that reflect and support diversity, equity and inclusion for student academic success;  
  • Meet with and partners with community agencies who are dedicated to providing quality preschool programs;
  • Represent SCSD in community discussions regarding how best to provide effective early childhood programs;
  • Establishes strong working relationships with school and district staff; 
  • Supports a climate where equity is discussed, challenged and used to promote opportunities for staff and student success;
  • Serve on cross-functional teams to provide educational and managerial leadership that builds and supports a high performance educational team, inspiring and aligning the academic work of the District;
  • Gathers input from staff and surveys from students as well as formal assessment data as part of process to monitor and evaluate the impact of the instructional program; 
  • Supports the development of the instructional and leadership capacity of staff. 

Develop professional development opportunities for teachers to increase educational outcomes 

  • Analyzes and utilizes literacy data to identify professional development needs and to evaluate, improve and report on program effectiveness;
  • Communicates the goals, plans and progress of the District’s professional learning program;
  • Communicates available literacy professional learning activities to school and district staff;       
  • Collaborates on the design and implementation of a comprehensive Professional Development Plan for all staff;
  • Implements literacy professional learning opportunities through multiple delivery models including, formal structured workshops and digital platforms;
  • Conduct professional development for teachers of preschool-grade 3 on effective strategies for the development of literacy for all children;
  • Organizes, maintains and supports professional learning communities; 
  • Remains a learner and informed of innovative professional development techniques to provide the district with the highest quality of professional development activities;
  • Participates in the development of the district school calendar to ensure adequate professional learning time;
  • Assist in the development and onboarding of new staff. 

Secondary responsibilities will include:

  • Collaborate with the SCSD business office and Office of Planning and Accountability for accurate and timely submissions
  • Assist building administrations in the recruitment and hiring of Prek staff;
  • Will conduct PreK teacher evaluations to ensure proper implementation of curriculum;
  • Within the framework of the tenets of the APPR process, provide support and/or supervise and coach teachers by adhering to precise instructional systems, visiting classrooms to observe instruction, modeling effective instructional practices, providing support, and giving feedback.
Job Qualifications
  • Master’s Degree required;
  • Valid NYS School District Leader (SDL or SDA);
  • Strong working knowledge of literacy acquisition and experience 
  • Certification and experience teaching at the elementary levels within public education desired, urban education setting is preferred.
Application Procedure

The Schenectady City School District is committed to hiring members of the protected classes and residents of the City of Schenectady. For more information on the Schenectady City School District recruitment and hiring plan, please contact the Office of Human Resources. The Schenectady City School District does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, veteran status, national origin, race or gender. This policy is in compliance with the Title IX of the Education amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Regulations and Bylaws of the Board of Education of the Schenectady City School District.

Job Category
Job Location
Central Office

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